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Using Software Tools to Manage Your Business

05/27/2013 22:04

Running a small business can involve a lot of functions.  Most small business owners are involved in all aspects of the business, from sales, to production, to collection.  Wearing so many hats prevents from focusing on growing your business.  Ideally, all small businesses would have a full staff of professionals that handle their own departments, but that isn’t always possible due to cost.  Therefore, business owners will have to invest in the tools necessary to assist them in certain areas.  One of these areas is managing the money.


A lot of business owners are experts in their product and service, not in how to make financial projections.  Most businesses have an accountant to manage their taxes, but not necessarily and accountant that works exclusively for them.  Having a financial analyst available to assist in financial projections would be a tremendous asset for most owners, but since that is not always possible there are other solutions.


The first step in improving your forecasts and projections is to invest in a good small business financial projection software program.  This type of software will allow you to enter the initial information and through their financial modeling tools make predictions and assist in budgeting.  Since this is an area that most business owners struggle with or have minimal experience, the software will provide the information needed to make other strategic business decisions, like hiring, expansion, and other business growth ideas.


For the day-to-day spending decisions the most important information to have available is the business cash flow.  Understanding money coming in and leaving the business lets you look at your highest expenses.  Knowing the information will allow you to manage your money in a much more efficient manner.  Again, since a staff accountant isn’t always possible, utilizing the accounting software available is the best alternative.


If you are looking at the task of forecasting and predicting future cash flow based on the history, cash flow forecast software is ideal for your application.  Knowing the history of spend and receipt will allow you to predict future cash available for the larger projects.  Growing companies are forward thinking, focusing on the future and increased sales and production.


Cash flow management software does a lot more than just track the flow of money.  It also looks for problem areas, cash flow problems, and cash flow in the moment.  This is a very valuable tool to have in managing the business as a whole, and will give any owner the knowledge to manage the business efficiently and with foresight.  If you can anticipate your problems, you can resolve them quickly and efficiently without a disruption to the business.