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Turning Your Experiences Into a Fulfilling Career

04/26/2013 13:08

Do you have what it takes to be a public speaker?  Do you enjoy getting in front of a crowd and exciting them?  Are you a subject-matter expert looking to share your knowledge to an eager crowd?  Have you ever heard a speaker share his or her experience and imagined yourself in their shoes?  If you have what it takes to be an inspiring speaker then you could be on your way to a fulfilling and rewarding career.

Companies seek out leadership keynote speakers in various capacities and roles.  Teaching people and exciting them to want to reach their full personal potential is a challenging yet extremely rewarding job.  Personal experiences that can be shared and used as encouragement to others is a good way to build confidence and motivate others, making them want to take charge of their own lives and move forward rather than staying stuck in the present and past.

An inspirational business speaker uses examples of past failures and successes to motivate employees.  Used by a large number of corporations, it is a wonderful way to reenergize a stagnant team.  Similarly, if you have sales experience and success, being a motivational speaker for sales is meant to excite them about their jobs again and encourage them to get over whatever hump is in front of them.

Finally, leadership development speakers believe that you are not born a leader, you are developed into one.  This implies that training and development is what you need to succeed as a leader in an organization.  Again, motivation is a key piece of developing someone’s skills, so if you have leadership background and you have a proven record of success with building leaders, then this is the direction for you.  Companies want to capitalize on the talent that is already working for them, so if you can take your own experiences and skills and transfer that energy to someone else, then you could be a successful leadership development speaker. 

So whether you would be a successful leadership keynote speaker or a leadership development speaker depends on your experience.  The best and most motivating speakers draw from their own experiences, both successes and failures, and share them enthusiastically and in a manner that they touch their listeners lives.  If you have the natural ability to get in front of a group and share the messages, the leadership speaking may be the direction for you.