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Significance of Parcel Insurance for Enhanced safety of Consignments

05/31/2013 14:54


Parcel delivery is big business that is done by many couriers companies and by the postal service. There are many companies that offer parcel insurance plan at special rates for customers to ensure safe delivery of parcels and to compensate in the event of any loss or damage to parcels.

Online marketing has made the sending and receiving of parcels a major business since more and more people prefer online shopping. Sending a parcel has its own risks since there are chances for pilferage, wrong delivery, damage, and loss of consignment while in transit. Sometimes delivery is unduly delayed which causes inconvenience for customers. In order to give protection from such perils, it is a wise idea to go for parcel insurance which offers guarantee against loss, or damage. There are many insurance companies with attractive plans for parcel insurance and you can find online a reputed company for a free quote.

There are many companies that ship antiques from abroad. Also you can find online many shipping companies which ship antiques locally. There are a few things that you should look for while choosing a company to ship antiques. Evaluate the cost of each item and ensure that the transaction can fetch you a profit. After you have paid for shipping, duties, documentation, and for trucking to your facility, the price per item can go up considerably. Besides, study the reputation of the company before you choose it to ship your antique. Clarify all doubts in advance such as rate, total cost of shipment, formalities, and the regulations that you have to comply with.

US Post office shipping insurance gives protection for your parcels against theft, pilferage, damage or loss. You can insure your item for up to $5,000 against loss or damage. The price is based on the declared value. You can purchase post office shipping insurance online, from a self-service kiosk, or from your Post Office depending on the class of mail chosen. You can purchase post office shipping insurance for any valuable item. Registered Mail items can be insured for up to $25,000 at your Post Office and it can be purchased online, at your Post Office, or through your Rural Carrier. It is easy to mail an insured parcel post by using USPS website. Based on the weight and measurements of your parcel you can pay the charge online, print your label and order for a free pick-up.

Historical collectibles and artifacts are available for sale on reputed online stores. This includes artifacts, coins, curiosities, fossils and relics, which are offered at competitive prices. The online shops ship artifacts by reputed shipping companies either free of shipping charge and in some cases, for a shipping fee. You can find online many reputable companies to ship artifacts at competitive rates.