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Make Your Banquet Efficient Yet Classy

05/27/2013 10:10


 One of the hardest parts about running a banquet is the furniture. The food is pretty much up to the caterer; it's of little concern to you beyond the details, everyone getting what they need, so on and so forth. And once you know how many people are coming, you can take care of space needs, tables, plates and silverware. Of course, you'll also need servers and waitstaff, but that really isn't too hard to take care of either.


Chairs, though. Chairs take up a surprising amount of space, and storing them between banquets can actually end up costing you quite a lot of money. One way to avoid this is with stacking banquet chairs. Stacked chairs take up considerably less space than unstacked chairs, of course, and are easier to move around and unstack for a banquet night. A  stacking banquet chair  will save you quite a lot of money over the years.


Finding the right stacking chairs for sale isn't as easy as actually stacking the chairs, sadly. The chairs need to fit the style of the banquets that you hold while also being within range of what you're willing to spend. Your best bet is always wood stacking chairs, when it comes to style; wood never goes out of style, and lasts a long time. It's a sturdy material and traditional as well. Nobody minds sitting in a wood chair, but they might comment on metallic or plastic chairs and just how tacky they can be.


You can find a good set of stacking chairs anywhere that wholesale restaurant furniture is for sale. Certainly, there are plenty of vendors where that kind of furniture is available, and they often have very informative websites where you can learn a lot about what they have to offer. There are even websites with buyer reviews, where you can find out which sets of stacking chairs work best, and what kind of problems to expect if you invest in them.


Make no mistake, it is an investment. When you buy a whole set of banquet chairs, you can't just have a few breaks and then replace them with new, different chairs; that will look horrible, and certainly the aesthetic of your banquets will be tainted by it. No, you need chairs that will last, that will be able to stand up to the wear and tear of being used regularly by large amounts of people and, later, being stacked in a room by your employees. If you can find chairs that meet that criterion while remaining classy and affordable, you've got your furniture.