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Importance of Pre Employment Background Screening and Drug Test

05/27/2013 23:43



Pre employment screening is an important step in the recruitment process. When candidates are shortlisted after the interview, the employer subject the applicants to go through a pre employment background screening to ensure that the track record of the candidate is free from any controversy and that there are no criminal records involving the candidate. .

Pre employment background screening enables employers to select candidates who are honest. . Besides it helps to identify if the candidate is under any contract or commitment with the previous employer. The pre employment background screening is a vital source of information regarding the work ethics and the integrity of a person. This information enables the employer in decision making regarding the selection of a candidate. A pre employment background screening avoids the possibility of recruiting people who may become a liability for the employer.

Pre Employment screenings may include verification of vehicle driving records, county criminal search, statewide and national criminal search, and other verifications. Pre Employment Screenings are now common in institutions to safeguard the interests of both employers and employees. While applying for job, it is essential to provide all required information in the resume. Through pre employment screening background check the employer can easily detect any suppressed information by the applicant. The applicants should provide all information sequentially in the resume so that there would not be any room for suspicion during pre employment screening check. This enables the employers avoid selecting the wrong persons who could be potential troublemakers.

Whether the company is small or big the employers conducts the pre employment screening test which is an assurance of selecting people with high standards. It enables employers to hire people who are honest, and those who have maintained an impeccable record in the society and in the previous work places. All prospective employees should be prepared to undergo pre employment screening test and a pass in the pre employment screening test reinforces the chances of selection of the candidate for a particular job.

The drug test DOT rules are formulated to eliminate the chances of any false negative tests by drug users. Some people try to conceal the presence of any trace of drug in their urine sample by consuming certain products which interfere with the readings of drug test. However the drug test DOT rules are so stringent to overcome the problem of any malpractice during testing of urine samples for drugs.

The Department of Transportation drug testing involves the testing of urine samples through a 10 steps procedure which involves collection site security and integrity to ensure that the Department of Transportation drug testing is valid, and accurate.