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How To Increase Your Security Effectively

04/26/2013 12:18

Do you own a business with the need for security?  Or, do you own a business that requires very thorough documentation of the rounds and checks made by the security guards and staff?  With an increased need for documentation in so many industries, there are solutions available to target and record the activities of your staff.  With controls in place you will become more efficient and organized, with all of the documentation you need to be successful.

No one is able to monitor the performance of every staff member at all times of the day and night.  An efficient plant, facility, and security detail follows a timed protocol for all surveillance and guard tours.  We know that the best process is to be consistent and efficient; otherwise we become distracted and reactive to our duties.  Keeping each guard tour proactive keeps us in control of our facility, thus keeping it as secure and safe as possible.

If you are looking for a solution to document every check completed on a security guard tour, then a guard tour system is exactly what you are looking for.  With advanced technology, you can track every room check and every patrol as your security guard tours the facility.  Each staff member is assigned a personal identification number that logs their location, date, and time as they work their shift.  This is ideal for plants, prisons, hospitals, colleges and universities, but could also have many other applications. 

Once a security guard has completed a check or a round they are then able to download all of their data and checks into the system.  This becomes a matter of record, indicating the completion of the tasks.  As a manager this frees you from having to complete random checks.  If your security guards are not following through they will not be able to download their information.  If locations are being missed then you will know it.  If the check is not thorough you will have formal documentation of the miss.  If you are short-staffed at certain times of the day, this information allows you to reassign as needed. 

At a time when we need to document everything we do guard tour systems are an ideal solution to so many problems that a company could encounter.  This type of system will organize you so that you can ensure that all tasks are completed as scheduled and as assigned.  No matter what the size of the facility or the tasks assigned, this system will work to make you more efficient and will ensure proper coverage at all times of the day.