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Figuring Out a Better Design Process

05/29/2013 03:43

In today's economy, the competition can be absolutely cut-throat. That's why it's important to get every advantage you can have over them. Pleasing the client's every whim and specification is, of course, the best way to attract and keep business, but how can you do that and still keep design and production costs low? It gains you nothing if in pleasing the client you bankrupt your business.


Fortunately, modern computing has the answer, in the form of configurator software. A configurator is a program that can be used to design a product from the ground up. With the best 3D configurator, you can see that product from every angle, and expose it to all the stresses that it would see once it was produced: a motorcycle designed in a product configurator could be tested to see how the wind, for example, would affect it as the motorcycle rides down the road.


If you want to improve your sales, configurator software is a great way to do it. You see, with a quality configurator you can work on your product designs collaboratively, and even have the clients for whom you are designing the product involved in its design as well! This allows your clients to have a direct hand in the design of the product, which will greatly reduce the likelihood of dissatisfaction on their part, don't you think?


You may be worried that this could cause the cost of the product to get out of hand, and your client would then be unwilling to pay it. Fortunately, most high-tech configurators include quoting software that can give the configurator user a quote as to the cost for producing the product in question. This can be reported in real time, meaning that as each change is made to the product in the configurator, the user – including the client who is helping to guide the design – can see how each change, each addition or subtraction, affects the price of the product.


Pretty amazing, right? Gone are the days of engineers working feverishly in the offices, lights dim with cigarette smoke, the client constantly calling to find out how the design process is coming. Now you can store the product on the cloud and give your client constant access to the design process, and even involve them in it if you so desire. Gone are the days of secrecy and dissatisfaction. Embrace it!