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Creative Solutions to Business Recognition

05/27/2013 09:36


 When you own a business, you want your company to be the first one that is thought of whenever a particular need arises in an area your business services. Sure you have an ad in the paper or the yellow pages, maybe even a billboard or two, but some of the most effective marketing tools can be found in the promotional business items. For example, everyone has one of those stress balls they keep in their desk drawers; by having a promotional stress ball made with your business information inscribed you have a perfect way to advertise. Also, unless you’re a teetotaler you, like approximately 67% of the population may have a beer now and then. Even if you don’t drink beer, you may drink a soda or canned beverage. Having promotional can coolers sparks conversations “Hey, where did you get that?” “What company does that belong to again?” “Wow, I’ll have to check them out.” Making sure your name is in the game is the best way to get business. If no one is talking about you, chances are, no one is calling you for work either.

What’s the Name of That…

Another reason to get items made like promotional business calendars or promotional calendar magnets is to keep your business at the forefront of people’s minds. If they have a calendar with your company’s information, they are reminded each time they look at it about your business. The same circumstance is true with a refrigerator magnet. This is essential when they need the services your business provides, because instead of heading to Google or the phonebook, they look up at the calendar and say “Oh yeah! That’s who I should go to.” It is an instant memory jogger. It also simplifies their lives, because now, they don’t have to look up a phone number, or try and remember which business they should use. Your listing is primary, front and center, right on their refrigerator door.

Everyone likes Gifts

Items like stress balls, calendars and promotional can koozies are inexpensive for you to purchase, especially if you buy them in bulk, but they give your customers the sense of appreciation you have for them. It is a way to say thanks for your business as well as encouraging new customers. By giving them a useful item for their home, you are also giving a gift – which psychologically gives a positive impression of your business, and shows that you care and are generous. With all those positives, how can you lose - you can’t! So get out your stress ball, relax and have a can of beer.