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Benefits of USPS Shipping Insurance

05/31/2013 13:32

As buyers and sellers, everyone knows that breakage and loss do happen during shipping. For a fee, the sender may purchase USPS International insurance to protect against loss, damage, or missing contents for Priority Mail International parcels containing the merchandise.

The buyers need to have some confidence in the fact that the consignment will survive the shipping process and that the customer will not incur any loss. Insurance may not be purchased for Priority Mail International Flat Rate Envelopes or Small Flat Rate Priced Boxes. Compensation for the USPS International Insurance varies according to the fee paid. For parcels delivered to the addressee in damaged condition or with missing contents, payment is made to the addressee unless the addressee waives payment, in writing, in favor of the sender. USPS International Insurance is available only for Priority Mail International parcels and only to certain countries the details of which can be verified online.

Merchandise insurance coverage under the USPS shipping insurance may be purchased at the sender’s option up to the maximum amount allowed by the country for a maximum of $5,000. See the Individual Country Listings for details of insurance limits. The USPS shipping insurance fee is in addition to the postage and other applicable fees based on the insured value. There's no question that sending letters, documents, or merchandise via USPS Express Mail is the best method to safeguard your shipping. It is the Postal Service's fastest service with overnight guaranteed delivery service to most cities.

While availing shipping insurance of USPS, the return receipt service is the only extra service that mailers may add to insured items. It is available for an additional fee and is available only to certain countries. See the individual country listings for availability. The USPS Insurance rate varies based on the insurance coverage and one can have the details from USPS insurance website. The sellers, who ship the consignment to customers, expect that the transactions will bring in the expected profit. If an item shipped has been damaged, then you will most likely be notified immediately by the buyer. Now it is the seller's responsibility to respond immediately to the buyer's notification even if the buyer is not sure of how to handle the situation.

Reputed sellers offer the buyers the option to purchase shipping insurance with USPS or any other agency if they wish to do so. Let's first look at the process of purchasing and collecting on shipping insurance with USPS in order to determine the benefits.  USPS insur ance can be purchased either at the kiosk or at the counter based on the overall value of the package. The USPS insurance rate may be obtained from the USPS website. Based on the total value of the item shipping insurance with USPS can be purchased.