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Advertising in Color

05/27/2013 22:15

These days advertising companies are all about the Internet, sending out spam e-mails and writing tons of search engine optimization articles in an effort to get more traffic to your website which may or may not actually result in real clients. In fact, all that traffic could very easily be web bots or some other malicious users that won't bring any profit to you whatsoever – just increase the stress on your website. No, the old ways are always best, and that is true of advertising as well.


That's why, if you can find a good deal on cheap color copies, you can get your advertising out using every door direct mail (EDDM), plastering targeted neighborhoods with information about your business and exhorting those plebs to come and buy everything they possibly can from you. If you want to buy color copies cheap, it isn't hard; you can even buy color copies online from businesses that specialize in that sort of thing. The cost of color copies, whether from a local or Internet vendor, is generally low, while the effect on your business can be very profitable!


You don't even need to mail out your color copies yourself. You can contact local businesses that specialize in Every Door Direct Mail; pricing is widely available, and it isn't hard to do a price-comparison to figure out which company will get you the most bang for your buck, so to speak. Many of those same companies will even produce your cheap color copies for you, doing almost all the work when it comes to advertising your business. You just have to sit back, relax, and wait for the customers to come rolling in.


You may think that EDDM is an annoying advertising gimmick that just makes people not want to come into your business, but you'd be wrong. The fact is that thanks to psychological research, we know that when your business's name gets into the minds of your potential clients, they'll remember your business. They'll think about it. They'll be reminded of it again in the future, and that will bring those people to you. Once they're in your store, they're yours. That first step over the threshold of your business is all it takes.


If you want, you can hire a graphic designer to make an awesome advertisement to have copied, or you could do up an advertisement on your computer and be done with it. Whatever you decide to do, don't discount traditional advertising – it's the best!